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Does the idea of SEO make your brain hurt? Do you need a SEO consultant you can trust and rely on to give you the right advice and guidance, and actually practices what they preach?

You're in the right place!

Janelle Cheesman from ContetQueen is an international SEO consultant who takes a holistic approach to SEO (search engine optimisation), incorporating technical SEO, optimised on-site content, content marketing and digital PR.

Providing affordable comprehensive SEO consultancy services, Janelle will create a strategy that will get your website ranked for your target keywords, build brand authority and trust, and increase your web traffic and leads (all while sticking to your set budget).




Digital PR

SEO consultancy services include:

  •    SEO strategies

  •    Website SEO content audits

  •    Keyword research  

  •    Technical SEO (non-development)

  •    On-site SEO of content

  •    Content marketing/blogging

  •    Digital PR/link-building

  •    Local search optimisation

  •    One-on-one SEO training

  •    Ongoing support and advice

Janelle works remotely from Wellington, New Zealand, and serves clients worldwide, including the UK, Europe, USA and Australia.

Find out more about SEO below, and get in touch to book your free 1-hour strategy session to discuss your business, goals and vision so ContentQueen can provide her SEO recommendations..

What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means optimising your website for search engines. Think of SEO as building a long-term relationship between your business and Google.


For Google to recommend your business to searchers, it needs to trust you, clearly understand what problems you solve, and be certain that people are going to find exactly what they’re searching for when they land on your website.


That means your website must be optimised for the best possible customer experience (fast loading, user friendly, mobile optimised, simple site structure) and rich in valuable, relevant content in your area of expertise that answers your customers questions and provides solutions to their problems.

Want to learn more? Check out my Beginner's Guide to SEO.

Why is SEO important?

If your website isn't optimised for search engines, you won't be found online by people who haven't already heard about you, without having to pay for advertising.


With rising advertising costs for search engines and social media, content marketing and SEO are essential tactics for future proofing your business online. It's how we gain consistent organic traffic to our websites, and generate those beautiful low-cost leads for years to come – without having to lift a finger... 


Investing in SEO is investing in the long-term success of your website and business. While SEO means optimising your website for search engines, it simultaneously means optimising your website to provide the best possible experience for people that visit your website, which leads to more customers and revenue for your business.

How does ContentQueen help?

ContentQueen takes a holistic approach to SEO because there are many factors involved which all need to work together for optimum results.


Instead of trying to 'trick' search engines (Google is too smart for that), CQ focuses on creating valuable content that matches exactly what your target audience is looking for, and will continue to get traffic for many years to come.

SEO strategies include:

  •    Keyword research  

  •    Identifying technical SEO issues

  •    On-site SEO of existing content

  •    SEO content marketing/blogging

  •    Digital PR/link-building

  •    Local search optimisation (Google My Business)

  •    Google product integration - Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager.

The different methods used will depend on the individual needs of your business, and what it will take to move the needle to achieve the desired results.

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SEO Testimonials
“Janelle’s level of SEO knowledge is excellent, leading to strong visitor growth rates to our blog posts and pub finders. She has shown an impressive work-rate as we have built a content strategy around a new section of our websites, which has taken a lot of technical work, page layout, copywriting, detailed SEO and a strong visual sense.” - Peter Graves, Fuller’s Digital Projects Manager, UK.
"Janelle's skill sets and knowledge of SEO and google analytics are an asset to any business with an online presence, regardless of how long that business has been online." - Meghan Fitzpatrick, Freelance Digital Marketer, USA.
“Janelle always puts search optimisation front of mind. She always does her keyword research thoroughly and relays back the information to others and makes recommendations based on that research. When feeding back, she always explains why she has used certain keywords so you also always feel like you're learning from her too.” - Ashley Khossousi, Fuller’s Website Content Executive.
The SEO Consultancy Process:

We will establish clear goals together, and CQ will get cracking on research and create a strategy to achieve the desired result.


With a well researched and thoroughly evaluated SEO strategy in place, CQ will take the lead and action it, keeping you updated weekly on progress.

Testing & Optimisation

Once the strategy has been implemented, CQ will test and optimise, to ensure the strategy is getting optimal results.

Reporting & support

At the end of the process, CQ will create an in-depth report of what was achieved. This will include opportunities for further improvement, and ongoing support.

Research & Strategy

SEO Services & Packages

SEO Strategy & Consultancy

SEO strategy & support

For businesses that want to overhaul their SEO strategy (or create one) from the ground up.

ContentQueen's SEO Consultancy services include:

  •    SEO review/audit

  •    Keyword research  

  •    Technical SEO

  •    On-site SEO of content

  •    SEO content marketing

  •    Blogging

  •    Digital PR/link-building

  •    Local search optimisation

  •    Google My Business

  •    SEO training

  •    Ongoing support (extra)

The different methods used will depend on the individual needs of your business, and what it will take to move the needle to achieve the desired results.

An audit of your online presence will be undertaken, and a strategy with a full list of actionable SEO recommendations will be provided - from on-site technical changes to briefs for blog posts.

Then, you can implement the changes yourself, or hire ContentQueen's team to action the changes.

The price depends on the individual needs of your business and budget.

CQ works remotely from Wellington, New Zealand, and serves clients in the UK, USA, EU and Australia.


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SEO Content Marketing

Content creation services

ContentQueen specialises in creating holistic content marketing strategies driven by research and data, and produces engaging, high quality content that your audience, and search engines, will love.

ContentQueen’s SEO Content Marketing services include:


  • Keyword and content research  

  • SEO content marketing strategies 

  • Blog and article writing 

Find out more about content marketing services provided by ContentQueen.

Digital PR

Link-building through public relations

Build a buzz about your business online through digital PR by ContentQueen.

ContentQueen’s Digital PR services include:


  • Public relations campaigns

  • Media release writing

  • Press distribution and outreach

  • Linkbuilding for SEO

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Media crisis advice

Find out more about digital PR services by ContentQueen.


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SEO Consultancy FAQ

What is a SEO Consultant?


A SEO Consultant is an experienced search engine optimisation specialist who works with businesses to optimise their websites for search engines by conducting SEO audits, keyword research and competitor analysis to create a SEO strategy. The consultant helps the business to implement the SEO strategy, advise the business on best practices, and will report on the progress and results of the work and make adjustments to the strategy as required. 


What do SEO Consultants do?


SEO Consultants are responsible for researching, planning, implementing, managing and reporting on a client's SEO strategy. SEO Consultants usually do a range of tasks, such as on-page, technical and off-site SEO, and provide support to the client to implement the SEO strategy. Other duties can include digital marketing, web analytics, content strategy planning, digital public relations and link-building, and keyword research and optimisation. 


Should I hire a SEO Consultant, in-house employee, or an agency?


That depends on the size of your company and your budget. If you’re a large company with a big budget for digital marketing, hire an in-house SEO or an agency. If you’re a small or medium business with a smaller budget and need a specialist to help ensure you’re doing things correctly and assist with the strategy and implementation, hire a SEO consultant.

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