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ContentQueen is your one-stop consultancy service for all your digital marketing needs. CQ specialises in creating and implementing SEO (search engine optimisation) content strategies for businesses that want to build their online presence, drive more organic traffic to their website (SEO), and get more low-cost leads and sales.

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Need help getting your website found in search engines? ContentQueen provides SEO consultancy services, incorporating technical SEO, content marketing and digital PR to create an SEO strategy that will get your website ranked for your target keywords, build brand authority and trust, and increase your web traffic and leads.

Content marketing

Content is king when it comes to effective digital marketing, and ContentQueen specialises in creating and implementing strategic digital content marketing strategies for businesses that want to drive more organic traffic to their website (better SEO), build their brand's trust and authority and get more low-cost leads and sales for their business. 

Digital PR

Build a buzz about your business online through digital PR by ContentQueen. Increase brand awareness, website traffic and sales and improve your SEO through creative digital PR campaigns, press release writing and outreach services.

Copywriting & Editing

Words are what sells on the internet, and ContentQueen specialises in writing conversion copy for the web that drives readers down the sales funnel towards the sale. Get in touch for all your web copywriting needs, including UX and SEO copywriting, product descriptions, marketing campaigns, conversion copy, and proofreading and editing services.

Google Ads

Do you need help setting up a Google Ads campaign? ContentQueen will work with you to create a Google Ads strategy and get your account set up the right way, with keyword research, ad copy and conversion tracking, as well as ongoing managment and optimisation.

Photography & Videography

ContentQueen has partnered with Wellington-based Videographer and Photographer duo Kee-Sue Creative for all your videography and photography needs.

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