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Here you'll find examples and testimonials of ContentQueen's content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital PR work. If you would like to know more, get in touch for your free, no obligation, consultation and quote.


London, United Kingdom

Projects & Achievements:


  • Digital content creation, web copywriting, blogging, SEO advice for the pub and hotel company.

  • Quadrupled the monthly blog visitors within a year. Blog posts were viewed 300K+ times and brought more than 100K new users to the website organically.  

  • Implemented a SEO-friendly pub finder that continues to grow in monthly visitors.


iTech Media
London, United Kingdom

iTech is a start-up agency servicing 150 affiliate marketing websites across 50+ countries and 21+ languages. The project included content editing for one of its US products, assisting with the CMS migration to prepare the site for re-launch.

Projects & Achievements:

  • Copywriting, proofreading, line editing and search engine optimisation of 100+ new web pages.

  • Auditing and optimising existing web pages for SEO and CRO.


Wellington, New Zealand

Projects & Achievements:


  • Digital PR, SEO content creation, web copywriting, blogging, proofreading, editing and web updating for the ecommerce retailer.

  • Assisted the company to reach the first page on Google for its main target keyword (from page 10+) within six months through link-building efforts and an effective SEO content strategy.   

  • Positioned the company as a trusted news source in New Zealand through proactive public relations. This included conducting a national survey, featuring the company in more than 50 mainstream news articles, and earning high-quality backlinks.    


psc logo.jpg
Presbyterian Support Central
Wellington, New Zealand

Projects & Achievements:


Using storytelling to evoke an emotional response in readers and secure ongoing financial support. 


Conducting interviews and writing, editing and proofreading high-quality content for content marketing.


Writing press releases, newspaper articles, fundraising newsletters and internal staff newsletters.


Uploading web content using Wordpress CMS.  



stnning places.jpg
Stunning Places Magazine
Sydney, Australia

Projects & Achievements:


Research and write 3x 1,500+ word SEO travel articles per week.


Many of my articles reached ‘most popular’ status, receiving thousands of views per month.



“Janelle is a consummate web professional with the wide range of skills required in a modern digital team. Her level of SEO knowledge is excellent, leading to strong visitor growth rates to our blog posts and pub finders. She has shown an impressive work-rate as we have built a content strategy around a new section of our websites, which has taken a lot of technical work, page layout, copywriting, detailed SEO and a strong visual sense.”

- Peter Graves, Fuller’s Digital Projects Manager, UK.

“Working in the marketing team on web content, Janelle helped me by producing copy for web pages for both pubs and the central web page for the company. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with, very detailed in her work and what she needs from you in order to provide web copy that reads well, is relevant and search engine optimised too.”

- Ashley Khossousi, Fuller’s Website Content Executive, UK.

“I watched Janelle increase the blog views on our company website by about 300% in a space of just over 6 months. Janelle will help your business grow. There is absolutely no question as to whether or not you should work with her - the only question is how soon can she start.”

- Meghan Fitzpatrick, Freelance Digital Marketer, USA

“I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Janelle, her infectious energy and can-do attitude make her a joy to work with. Having worked in both the private and public sector, I can honestly say that her attention to detail, her technical ability across a range of areas, and sincere approach to every project, is second-to-none.” 

- James Dowsett, Fuller's Data Analyst, UK.  

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